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Fertillo Airport - Alghero, Sardinia, 1-07041 (Italy)
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Budget Alghero Airport

Alghero Airport is one of the major airports in the Sardinia region of Italy. In fact this is an important international airport here. The airport has been in operation for quite some time now and therefore you can always expect them to deliver results at whichever time. The airport is located approximately 8 kilometers from the Alghero city centre. This is especially strategic for international passengers who would love to get to the city center in the shortest time possible.

Ever since inception, the number of customers served by Alghero Airport has been on the increase. This is attributed to many factors. The fact that the airport has opened up links to numerous world destinations is definitely an aspect that we cannot just choose to overlook. Today, the airport links to nine airports within Italy. On the other hand the airport is linked to over fifteen destinations worldwide. As the airport seeks to connect Alghero to the rest of the world population, many airlines have started to run operations in this airport. On the other hand, some airlines have even made this airport the hub of their operations within Italy. Today, the airport serves both domestic and international passengers and that is the numbers are increasing fast.

There are many facilities that you can expect to find at the airport. However, these might not mean that much if at all you do not have the right transportation means. If you need to get from the Alghero Airport to the city center and back or even visit other regions within Italy, there are many transport cues that you can use.

Right outside the passenger terminal, you will find many shuttle buses which have set base here. These run daily transport operations between the city and the airport. This is normally the best option for you if at all you are working with a tight budget.

If at all you need to get some pretty exemplary and reliable transportation services, car hire is the best option for you. This comes with the right choice of a service provider. Budget car hire is one of the most reputable car hire companies all over the world today. They have been operating in various destinations all over the world and therefore you can always trust them to offer you some awesome services. They employ basically native drivers and therefore if you need to move around Italy and appreciate the many tourist attractions here, Budget car hire is the option to go for. If you need to book the services offered by Budget car hire in Alghero Airport, Italy, the internet is the best place to turn to.