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Alghero Airport Arrivals

If at all there are any dominant airports in Alghero and the larger Italian nation today, Alghero Airport, Italy must definitely be part of the list. There are many good things that we can note about this airport. The picturesque and ideal location is definitely an aspect that we cannot just choose to overlook. The airport is located about 27 meters above the sea level. This is ideal elevation for an airport of international status such as this.

Alghero Airport, Italy is located about 8 kilometers from the city of Alghero which is on the north western strip. This therefore means that all arrivals coming into Italy through this airport can gain access to the city center with such ease. Again, there are plenty of bus shuttle and car hire companies that serve this airport on a daily basis. This means that there is no one time that you will lack the means to get to the city centre. Considering that this together with Cagliari and Olbia are some of the most important airports in this region, you can expect to get some pretty exemplary services coming from them.

Statistics at the airport show that domestic flight serving this airport every year account for about 600000 passengers. Ever since inception, the airport has also seen an increase in the counts of international arrivals. The passenger numbers have essentially increased exponentially in the recent past. For instance, the total number of passengers who passed through this airport by the end of the year 2010 was 1,388, 217 passengers.

The highest number of international arrivals to this airport is witnessed during the summer season. Other times of the year might count but for Alghero, summer means great business. There is a passenger terminal in the airport that serves international and domestic arrivals and departures. The high number of international airlines serving this airport has also had its toll on the increasing number of international arrivals.