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Alghero Airport Trains

Alghero Airport, Italy is one of the major international airports serving the Sardinia Island in Italy. It is strategically located about 8 kilometers from the sea city of Alghero. The city has got the picturesque and charming appeal that many domestic and international tourists really love to associate with. The other major airports in this region include Olbia and Cagliari. This airport is located close to the Fertilia village and thus the name Fertilia Airport.

If at all you require getting transportation services to Alghero Airport, Italy, there are many options that you can avail. There are many bus services that operate daily ferrying people between the city and the airport. It is however worth to note that there isn’t any actual trains’ station here at the airport. Therefore, if you need to travel by train, you will have to get a bus which will link you to the railway station. Sardinia has over the years evolved to be a loved tourist destination. The beautiful beaches and the welcoming people are definitely aspects that are worth mentioning about this place. Over the years, this region has evolved greatly to be a much preferred tourist destination. In the recent past, the terminal building has been renovated and updated so as to cater for the ever increasing number of passengers passing through this airport.

Even if there is no train service at this airport, there are many buses and car hire companies here which can offer you the transport service you need so as to locate the train services at the city center. Bus services are pretty popular here. More so, these services are more cost effective. Therefore, moving to the city to catch a train would not have to cost you any much. Alghero Sant Agostino station is the main railway station in this city. The train is strategically located within the city. You just need twenty minutes to walk from the city center to the station. Via Don-Minzoni is the host home for the railway station. In fact many buses that you will find at the airport also offer services to this region. Therefore, if you need to get from the airport to the city center to catch a train, you need not to worry a lot.

One thing that you can always be sure of is that the rail network here is very well laid out. On the other hand, if you need to appreciate the attractions of the jungle, travelling by rail would be the best option for you.