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There are many airports in the Sardinia region of Italy but Alghero Airport truly stands out from the rest. The airport acts as the major international gateway connecting Alghero to the rest of the world. Ever since inception, this airport has grown a great deal. This is in terms of passenger numbers, airport facilities and the number of airlines that traverse the Italian airway to this airport.

The number of facilities offered at this airport again has also been on the increase. This growth is attributed to the ever expanding passenger numbers and the airlines that are competing for space to be of service in this place. Between the year 2000 and 2004, over 600000 domestic passengers passed through this airport. From that time on, the number of international passengers has also been on an exponential rise. As the number of passengers coming to this region continues to increase, local transportation serves have also grown a great deal. You will attest to this when you come to this place. Once you get outside the passenger terminal, you will find numerous buses and cars packed out there all ready to be of service to you. You can choose to go with shuttle bus services which run operations daily between the city center and the airport.

However, if you need some pretty exemplary services, car hire services are definitely the ideal option for you. If you need to get to the airport from the city center or whichever part of the Sardinia region on time, there are many routes used by these car rental services. The road network is well laid out in this place. You can use the route from Alghero to Bosa by car. In this case, you would have to book and take a car from the Alghero city center and then cruise from the city center. Take the main road SP105 then to SP49 on the southern side. Another route that you can take is from Alghero city to the Castelsardo.

The best option for you to access the airport fast is to use Sassari. Unless you are a very confident and qualified driver the best route to use it to pass via Porto Torres. You will also need to go through Litorale. The coast road would lead you to the airport. As soon as you start travelling inland, you will be able to easily access the ideal location since the place is very well signposted.

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