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Alghero Airport

Alghero Airport is one of the most important international airports serving the Alghero region of Italy today. It is located about 8 kilometers on the north western side of the Alghero city. This is basically on the northern Sardinia region of the Italian speaking nation. Many locals and internationals as well love to refer to this airport as the Alghero-Fertilia or rather Fertilia.  It was given that name in relation to the name of the village in which it was originally situated and that is the Fertilia village. This is one of the most important airports among the three airports that serve the Sardinia region. The others that serve this region include Olbia Airport and Cagliari Airport on the northeast and southern regions of the city respectively.

Alghero Airport, caters for both domestic and international flight operations. For instance, nine Italian airports connect to this place locally. The number of local tourists visiting this region has been on the rise in the recent past and that means that it has been gaining a lot of popularity, not only among the locals but also among the international passengers who come to this region.

Ever since inception, the number of passengers passing flying to Italy or to other parts of the globe has been in an exponential rise. For instance, between the years 2000 and 2004, well over 600,000 passengers were served on an annual basis. The exponential increase in the number of customers can be attributed to a wide array of factors. One of the major factors is connection to more international destinations. The total number of passengers who were served by the year 2010 was about 1,388,217 passengers. This is true revelation of the fact that this airport is really growing far and wide.

There are numerous facilities that you can expect to find. Many of these facilities are intended to ensure that you have a nice stay here and moreover you get the kind of service that you deserve. Some of the basic facilities that you will come across here are automatic teller machines, tuck shops, gift shops, wash rooms, bar and restaurant. When it comes to flight operations related services, the airport as got one runway that is made with an asphalt surface which measures 3000 meters or rather 3 kilometers long. It might be also worth to note that it resides at an elevation of about 27 meters above the sea level. This is an ideal location for any airport that intends to serve a plethora of international destinations.

Ever since inception, the number of airlines that run flight operations has been on the rise. This therefore means that the number of international destinations reached has also been on the increase. This is true revelation of the growth. There is no doubt that it is becoming versatile as the days go by. Some of the major airlines that offer flights include Air One, Bmibaby, Alitalia, Germanwings, EasyJet, Jettime, Ryanair, Thomson Airways, Volotea, and SmartWings among a couple others.

Well over 950,000 passengers each year pass through this airport to the surrounding towns and cities. It is strategic to serve the ever increasing number of vacationers who come to Alghero, Italy on every summer of each year. There are many ways through which you can find your way to the airport. There are shuttle buses that run operations daily between the airport and the city centre. The best transport option however would be to seek the services of a car hire company. Whether you are coming to Alghero for vacation, tourism or business, you can be sure it would be a great service to you.

Airport Information

Official Name:
Time Zone:
GMT -1.0
Latitude (DD):
Longitude (DD):
Latitude (DMS):
40° 38’ 0" N
Longitude (DMS):
8° 17’ 0" E
Passengers (2017):
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3,000m (9,843ft)
45m (148ft)