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Alghero Tourist Attractions

Alghero Airport, Italy is one of the most important airports in this region. It not only offers an international gateway to Alghero city but rather the larger Sardinia region as well. Ever since inception, this airport has grown a great deal. This is both in terms of passenger numbers and the number of airlines that serve this airport.

Alghero Airport is not just located in a vacuum; the surrounding regions are also awesome places for you to visit. In fact, Italy is one of the most significant tourist attraction rich states in the world today. The Sardinia region is well endowed with the best tourist attractions and hotel and accommodation facilities.

When you come to Sardinia through this airport, most definitely you would be seeking some means through which you can easily get around the city and the nation at large. With car hire, you can access the best tourist destinations here. If you are seeking to know about sights to see here in Sardinia, read on to understand more.

It is worth noting that the Alghero region has grown in significance greatly in the recent past. As more and more tourists come to this place, the Catalan character still best defines this place best. The locals here still hold true to their traditions and that is one of the major tourist attractions in this place. The history of this city dates backs to the fourteenth century when this region was colonized by the Spanish. Many people who have come to Alghero before can attest to the fact that this city is truly a perfect blending of a tourist city with a thriving marina. If at all you though that the summertime is the best time for business in this region, you are mistaken. Business people in this place have been able to boost the economy even in the non-summer months.

Of all the holiday resorts in the Sardinia region, Alghero city truly stands out as the best outfit. There are many good things to see here. This city is home to numerous bars, hotels, cafes and restaurants. If you are seeking the best seafood offers, the hotels here in Alghero would offer you the kind of quality service you need.

Many people who have come to this place before appreciate that this is the perfect destination for day trips. This can be achieved at the Neptune’s Grotto region. This is in fact the most breathtaking trekking location in the whole of the Italy region today. There are still many other day trip locations here in Alghero. The city is strategically located to act as the major linkage between all the major cities that are located in the Sardinia region of Italy. The city is surrounded by awesome vineyards, pine forests and orchards. The effects of colonization by the Spanish people in this state can be seen even today. The Spanish heritage can be seen by the nature of the buildings here. The towers of bastions and the church at San Francisco are some of the oldest buildings in this place that you can visit today.

Many people who come to the Sardinia region through the Alghero Airport love to visit the old town. This is one of the cities in Italy which offer the perfect blend of both Italian and Spanish cultures. The cobbled streets here would definitely give you a clear impression of what the Catalan and Italian colonial connection left behind. The city downtown is packed with numerous boutique shops, bars and restaurants. The Via Carlo Alberto is home to some of the best such facilities here. If at all you are the adventurous type, the caves and grottoes here might be the perfect destination for you. You need to explore this region so as to appreciate it even more.