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Fertillo Airport - Alghero, Sardinia, 1-07041 (Italy)
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Avis Alghero Airport

Alghero Airport, Italy is definitely an important airport that serves the Alghero city and the larger Sardinia region of north western Italy. The airport runs both international and domestic flight operations. Ever since inception, the number of passengers served by this airport has been on the increase. This increase has been attributed to the growth and diversification of the services and products they offer. Alghero Airport has been able to open up its doors to the larger international destinations. That is why many international airlines today serve this airport. Some of the major international airlines that serve this airport include Germanwings, Ryan Air, Alitalia and Thomson Airways. There are still many other airlines that serve this airport.

Ever since inception, the number of passengers served by this airport on an annual basis has been on the increase. This is attributed to the linkage to more destinations across the globe. The airport management have also created more facilities so as to cater for the ever increasing number of passengers passing through the airport.

The good transport network in this region is one of the major reasons why many people love to come to Italy through the Sardinia region. When you come to Sardinia, through Alghero Airport, most definitely you would be seeking various means through which you can conveniently move around the cities and the entire Italian nation.

There are many transport options that you can go for if at all you need to conveniently travel around Italy and appreciate the numerous tourist attractions, friendly people and awesome features. Right outside the airport, you will come across car hire companies which have brought their cars here. On the other hand, you will also find shuttle buses which have put up base here. These shuttle buses operate by ferrying passengers to and from the airport to the city center. These operations are on a daily basis. If at all you are operating in a tight budget and you do not have enough cash, this is the best option for you.

If at all you are seeking exquisite and reliable car hire services, Avis is the company for you to go with. They have been in this business for long now and therefore you can trust them to offer you some high quality services. Their staffs are also passionate about their job. This is to guarantee you the best when you choose to go with Avis. If you need to book Avis car hire services, the internet is the right resource to turn to. The Avis official website allows you to book their services prior to travel. To avoid any hassles, book Avis Alghero Airport services well in advance before your flight.